Gaspésie Bluefin Tuna Tartar, Line Caught

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  • Description
  • We receive Bluefin tuna from Gaspésie every week during the fishing season, from August to October directly from local fishermen.

    Bluefin tuna fishing in Canada is a limited. The number of licenses has been fixed for years and there are no new participants possible. Quebec has 53 permit holders, including 27 in Gaspésie. These measures aim to limit catches of bluefin tuna as well as to control their size.

    Ingredients: Line-caught Bluefin Tuna from Gaspésie, vinaigrette (tomato, olive oil, soy sauce, lime, coriander, salt, pepper), quinoa, shallot, beans, chives.


    140g. / 1 portion as a main course or 2 portions as an appetizer


    Fish, soy, gluten


    * Tuna tatakis are available and charged by weight, call us to order!