Special Orders

In addition to our selection offered on the web, you can always give us a phone call for your more specific requests, whether it is to offer your loved ones or to mark a special event

It is possible to group our Signé Toqué non-perishable products in a gift box. A perfect present for those around you and also available to offer in corporate format for your employees or your customers

You can order our whole sea buckthorn pie for six. Perfect for highlighting special moments or just to brighten up your week! This pie is inspired by the classic lemon meringue pie

Sea buckthorn is an orange and tangy berry with a taste reminiscent of passion fruit and citrus fruits. Our sea buckthorn custard is enhanced with verjuice (an immature grape must) to achieve the tangy taste of lemon pie without using citrus fruits from far away!

The pie is topped with a sweet clover meringue


You can also contact us to order a fish or meat of the moment presented in an Emile Henry ceramic casserole dish, ideal for your future gastronomic projects