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  1. Intellectual property: All the content of the website (text and photos) is the property of Comptoir-Épicerie Signé Toqué!. The elements appearing on this site may not be copied or reproduced. All rights reserved.
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  3. Payment: When you make a purchase on the site, you agree to provide a valid method of payment. When you provide a payment method, you confirme that you have permission to use that payment method. When you make a payment, you authorize us and the payment service we use to charge the full amount to the payment method you designate for the transaction. You also authorize us to collect and record this method of payment as well as any other information related to the transaction. If you are paying by debit or credit card, we may obtain a pre-authorization from the card issuer for an amount up to the total amount of the transaction. If you choose to cancel a transaction before it is completed, the funds used for the pre-authorization may not be immediately available in your account. We reserve the right to cancel any transaction if we believe it violates these terms of use.
  4. Product Details: We are committed to being as specific as possible in the descriptions of our products. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information relating to a product.
  5. Acceptable Use of the Site: You agree not to use the site for any illegal purpose.
  6. Questions or additional information: For more information, you can contact us at the following address: [email protected]

Last update: 07-15-2022